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Gujarat: Dalit Groom Allegedly Forced Off Horse, Abused With Slurs

Four people have been arrested in the case.
A screengrab from a video of the incident.

New Delhi: A Dalit groom was allegedly forced to get down from his horse and abused by a group in Gujarat’s Chadasana village, Gandhinagar district.

According to The New Indian Express, the police have registered an FIR against four individuals under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act based on a complaint from the groom’s brother and cousin. The complaint states that the groom was riding a horse as part of his baarat around 1 pm and passing through the village when a motorcyclist threatened the groom, forcibly removed him from the horse, and uttered casteist slurs.

“After my brother was forcibly removed from the horse, our family members attempted to resolve the matter with the individual. During this, three other people intervened, siding with the person who removed my brother from the horse, and subjected us to caste-based abuse. Additionally, a family member was slapped,” the groom’s brother’s complaint says.

“They claimed riding a horse required their permission. Despite my efforts for a peaceful procession, they refused to budge and instead threatened the horse owner and DJ sound personnel to leave the wedding venue as soon as possible,” it continues.

“You stay in your limits…you can’t ride a horse. Don’t you know the tradition of the village? You have to seek permission from us and only Thakors can ride horses,” the accused allegedly said, according to Deccan Chronicle.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Gandhinagar Kalol Division Praveen Manwar told the media, “When a wedding procession in Chadasana village of Mansa went with a DJ sound system, three people from the village opposed it, resulting in a clash with two parties.”

“The clash began over the issue of playing the DJ sound, and then there was a dispute over the issue of sitting on the horse. The police have filed an FIR on this matter, and the police have also rounded up those named as accused,” he continued.

According to NDTV, the four arrested are Sailesh Thakore, Jayesh Thakore, Samir Thakore and Ashwin Thakore. All four are from an OBC community.

Multiple such instances of caste discrimination and violence specifically involving Dalit grooms continue to be reported each year.

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