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Act Against PM Modi: Over 2,200 Citizens Write to EC Over Hate Speech in Rajasthan

The signatories of letter called it a 'dangerous and a direct attack on Muslims of India'.
Prime Minister Modi Photo: X/@narendramodi.

New Delhi: Over 2,200 concerned citizens wrote to the Election Commission on Monday, April 22, to initiate action against Bharatiya Janata Party star campaigner and Prime Minister Narendra over his hate-filled remarks against Muslims, suggesting that were “infiltrators” and if the opposition elected would give away “mangalsutras” and “land” of those listening to his speech to them.

Calling it a “dangerous and a direct attack on Muslims of India”, the citizens in their appeal to EC said, “The prime minister, while campaigning as the [Bharatiya Janata Party’s] Star Pracharak [campaigner], made a speech on April 21 in Rajasthan that has disturbed the sentiments of millions of Constitution respecting citizens of India.”

Modi on Sunday, April 21, during his campaign in Rajasthan’s Banswada, had said, “Earlier, when his government was in power, he had said that Muslims have the first right on the country’s property, which means who will they collect this property and distribute it to – those who have more children, will distribute it to the infiltrators. Will the money of your hard work be given to the infiltrators? Do you approve of this?”

He also went on to say, “This Congress manifesto is saying that they will calculate the gold of the mothers and sisters, get information about it and then distribute it. Manmohan Singh’s government had said that Muslims have the first right on property. Brothers and sisters, these urban Naxal thoughts will not let even your mangalsutra escape, they will go this far.”

Drawing the attention of the poll body, the group of citizens said that Modi’s language in his bid to seek votes “seriously undermines India’s stature as the ‘Mother of Democracy’ in the world”.

“The Election Commission’s failure to take any action against such hate speech will only undermine its credibility and autonomy that has been safeguarded and upheld by a series of exemplary officers before you,” the signatories of the letter said.

Meanwhile, the Communist of India (Marxist) lodged a complaint with the Commissioner of Police, Delhi against Modi for his Bhanswada speech. The Left party had earlier approached Mandir Marg Police Station in Delhi to lodged their complaint. However, it was not accepted, prompting them to write to Delhi Police Commissioner against Modi.

“In a speech given during an election rally in Bhanswara, Rajasthan on 21.04.2024, Sh. Modi intentionally and strategically used anti-muslim tropes in order to convey an impression to the Hindu community that their property was under threat, as the assets of the community, particularly the
gold and mangalsutra of (Hindu) women, would be distributed to members of the Muslim community by the Congress party. This has the effect of targeting individuals based on their membership of a group and exposes the group to hatred.  It is utterly illegal to appeal for votes using hate speech as the Prime Minister has done,” the CPI (M) in its letter. 

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