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The Wire, The Caravan, Newslaundry, The News Minute and Scroll To Come Together For Result Day

As counting for four of the five state elections will get underway on the morning of December 3, these independent media organisations will make it count in a special live joint broadcast.

New Delhi: Five independent news organisations, The Caravan, Newslaundry, The News Minute, Scroll.in, and The Wire are coming together to deliver the results for four state Assembly elections on Sunday, December 3. Mizoram’s counting date has been changed to Monday, December 4, by the Election Commission.

Join us live on all of our YouTube channels, starting at 8 am on Sunday.

What we did with the results from Karnataka in May is what we hope to do with these five crucial states – the last of the states going to the polls before the general elections in 2024.

The numbers thrown up on December 3 will reveal a lot about the state of play and the mood of our times. We hope to bring you sharp, quick, clear, detailed reporting and analysis of the results.

So tune in.

You can find us on our YouTube channel as well at https://www.youtube.com/@TheWireNews

Each of us have published focused reporting from these states over the last few weeks and months.

But combining forces on results day, we’ll be bringing you voices from the ground, expert perspectives, facts and figures, some humour – and a conversation you won’t want to miss.

At a time when the talk is about only ‘one election’, we must savour every opportunity to report on all elections, which are moments for citizens of a free country to speak the truth to those in power. We hope to be able to help you unpack the message from the voters on December 3, and anticipate what it signals for the months to come.

Five of our teams, five states, and you.

Join us live on all of our YouTube channels, starting at 8 am on December 3, Sunday.

You can contribute to our effort here, if you like, by clicking on the link https://www.newslaundry.com/resultsday-live

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