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London: Khalistan Groups Protest at India House Again, This Time Amid High Police Presence

The building was attacked by a similar protest on March 19, when groups protested the Punjab police's action against Sikh hardliner Amritpal Singh.
A protest by pro-Khalistan groups outside the Indian High Commission in London, on March 22, 2023. Photo: Twitter/@khanruhi

New Delhi: Another pro-Khalistan demonstration was held at the Indian High Commission in London in support of hardline Sikh leader Amritpal Singh on Wednesday, March 22, although the Metropolitan Police succeeded in keeping the protesters away from the building, which was recently attacked during a similar protest.

According to London-based journalist Ruhi Khan, smoke bombs and bottles were thrown at India House by the demonstrators. She added that the demonstration on Wednesday was held across the road from the High Commission amid heavy police presence to “ensure no repeat of violence and vandalism” that occurred during the March 19 protest.

Photos and videos of the protest showed people waving yellow, black and blue flags with ‘Khalistan’ – the demand for a separate Sikh state – written on them.

According to the news agency ANI, more London police officers have been deployed at the high commission in view of the protest.

During the March 19 protest, which came one day after the Punjab police launched a state-wide crackdown on Amritpal Singh and his group Waris Punjab De, a Khalistan supporter brought down the Indian flag from the High Commission building. India lodged a protest and accused the British government of being indifferent to the security of premises.

Earlier on Wednesday, the security barriers at the British High Commission in New Delhi were removed by India in an apparent retaliatory measure. Barricades near the residence of the British high commissioner were also removed.

The Punjab police’s action Amritpal Singh, a proponent of Khalistan, has seen angry reactions from some members of the Sikh diaspora. The Indian consulate in San Francisco was also attacked by pro-Khalistan protesters. Meanwhile, Amritpal himself has eluded capture by the police, while hundreds of his supporters have been arrested. The police have accused him and the Waris Punjab De group of trying to disturn peace and harmony by spreading radical ideology.

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