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Norway, Spain and Ireland to Recognise Palestinian Statehood on May 28

Palestinian authorities have welcome the move while Israel retaliated with stern warnings of 'severe consequences' amidst fear of International Isolation.
Norway announces to recognise Palestine as an Independent State. Photo: X/ @NorwayMFA

New Delhi: Norway’s announcement of recognising Palestinian Statehood makes it the third nation after Spain and Ireland to formally accept Palestine as a Nation on May 28.

Previously, Ireland’s President Simon Harris stated that the two-state solution is the only means for the two nations to coexist peacefully and put a stop to the “generational cycles of violence, retaliation and resentment”, as reported by Al Jazeera.

According to Reuters, Israel has called back all Israeli envoys from the three nations. Foreign Minister Israel Katz also warned of “severe consequences” to nations accepting Palestinian statehood and stated, “Rewarding terrorism will not bring peace and neither will it stop us from defeating Hamas.”

Since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 which resulted in the death of 1,139 Israeli citizens, Israel has been intensively attacking Gaza, leading to the death of over 35,709 people in Gaza with 79,990 being brutally wounded till now. 

As reported by Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan from Jordan, Norway’s recognition of Palestinian statehood will mark “a momentous occasion for the Palestinians”, since Norway played a pivotal role in the 1993 Oslo Accords. 

Currently, 144 out of the 193 UN member states recognise Palestine, and the move is expected to be further followed by the nations, Australia, Britain, Malta and Slovenia, according to a Reuters report

Norway’s recognition comes at a time of heightened global pressure on Israel. The ICC prosecutor has issued an arrest warrant against the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, and the ICJ is addressing South Africa’s appeal to stop Israel’s attacks in Rafah, Gaza. 

While Hamas and the Palestinian authorities have welcomed the move, a former official of Israel’s Foreign Ministry also told Reuters that the recognition of the Palestinian nation could also impact Israeli public opinion and challenge the tactics of Netanyahu’s government.

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